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April 2017
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A sense of well-being is related to a lifestyle that requires a good psychological balance, the desire to relate to others, adequate physical activity, respect for one’s own health, a correct and satisfying diet and liking oneself, which is the result of a serene relationship with oneself and one’s self-image.

The company that created and develops the project is:

A. E. C. Advertising and Electronic Commerce s.r.l.
Piazza Pontida, 7
24122 Bergamo (Italy)
VAT number 02657150161

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Tel. (+39) 035 232366
FAX (+39) 035 210500

As well as this project, the company also specialises in:

  • software development (e.g. e-commerce, online reservations)
  • realisation of portals and websites
  • web marketing
  • realisation of editorial content and website updates
  • organisation of courses and events
  • selling of products and services (also off-line).

Dr MariaTeresa Mastropietro

Tel. (+39) 035 232366
Fax (+39) 035 210500

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