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April 2017
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The origins of sand therapy go back to ancient times: historiography reveals that Ancient Greeks and Romans treated rheumatisms by immersing the patient’s body, from the chest to the feet, into hot sand.


Bioenergetics is a psycho-bodily technique during which breathing techniques, special physical exercises, positions and bodily contact are used in order to undo ‘energy blocks’ and defensive mechanisms which crystallise over time on a physical and psycho-emotional level.


Salt floors, salt walls and salt stalactites standing over visitors can all be seen in salt grottos, which are incredible, beautiful and impressive, but, above all, they are healthy.
Salt grottos are one of the most recent discoveries that have been made in the fields of alternative medicine and natural treatment for numerous diseases.


The word ‘Reiki’ means Universal Life Energy  and it refers to both a discipline and energy itself. According to the people who were initiated into this discipline and who practise it regularly, living with Reiki means living in harmony with Universal Life Energy and, thus, being able to engage in a process that encourages healing from illnesses and preventing them. However, practising Reiki can also be understood as a psycho and physical relaxation technique.


Today, tattoos can be found everywhere and anywhere in different cultures, age brackets and social classes, and even in places with different religious beliefs, and they are often embellishments that represent single or personal meanings. Not so long ago, the practice of tattooing was the prerogative of people who lived at the edge of society, especially criminals and prostitutes, but also sailors. Further back in time, tattoos were a part of collective rituals and they had different meanings depending on the culture one belonged to, representing a sort of ‘talisman’ against evil spirits or for showing one’s link to a tribal, religious or social group. How tattoos became so common is also not conducible to one unique population or geographic area since tattoos appeared and spread amongst populations and cultures that had no contact with one another.


Just like how we are assisting with a health revolution, which has taught us about the benefits of aerobic exercise, stretching, yoga, and so on, would it not be a good idea to spend more time learning about the 'exercise' possibilities which could improve the conditions of our sight? Poor vision is not an irreversible problem, but, in reality and for the majority of people, good vision can be achieved by keeping in good physical shape, that is, by doing exercise.

INTRODUCTION TO AROMATHERAPY - Treatment with aromas for the body and the mind

Fragrances are usually linked to beauty and are normally associated with pleasure and health. We often come across lavender, rosemary, sage, chamomile, mint and medicinal herbs in our daily lives, but we do not reflect on the various qualities that they have: they contain essential principles which have various functions.

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