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April 2017
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Liposuction is a surgical technique that involves removing some subcutaneous fat in order to reshape the body when a diet or physical activity is not sufficient.


Up until the 1990s, the dominating model of women was anorexic-like, with as little on top and as and little on the bottom as possible. However, during the first few years of the third millennium, a change occurred that saw women show preference to the sensuality of a curvy and soft body shape, and, consequently, the demand for curves and hips became more and more widespread. Today, prosthetic buttock implants allow for the filling and modelling of the derriere using innovative materials and a special surgical techniques promises great results, without leaving visible scars.


Even though some parts of the face can be ‘camouflaged’ with make-up to hid one’s age (using foundation or powder) or by using other techniques, as far as the hands are concerned, things are a little more difficult since they truly reveal the years that have passed. From dark spots and dry skin to noticeable veins and even how the nails look, over time the shape and thickness of our hands tend to change.


An endoscopy is a different approach to aesthetic face surgery in which mini-invasiveness, repositioning of deep structures, natural redistribution of pseudo excess skin and restoring volume are contrasted with very invasive techniques, large skin resections and skeletonisation of the periocular region.


With the passing of time a breakdown of mainly muscular structures occurs (platysma muscle) which is often associated with a modest accumulation of fatty tissues in the area under the chin and a certain level of skin laxity. The combination of these phenomena causes a loss of definition in the shape of the neck, the sides of the jaw and an increase in the roughness of the skin on the neck too. However, depending on the seriousness of these problems, today people can have these themj treated in a modular way that tries to be as least invasive as possible.


In order to improve the look of your eyes and the functionality of the eye area, you can undergo a blepharoplasty which, today, is a less invasive technique and gives good results in a short time thanks to the use of an innovative surgical tool that is indispensible: the CO₂ pulsating laser.


It is impossible to look at a person and not notice his/her nose, especially if it is not in harmony with the rest of the face. A very long or pointed nose stands out more on a small and round face rather than a square and angulated face, and a small nose may look nice on a girl with a sweet and regular features but not on a body builder, for example. When proportions are not in line with one another and a person’s nose creates real discomfort for him/her, surgery can help a lot.


Protruding ears are hereditary that are genetically inherited and they are caused by a malformation of cartilage, which in this case does not bend to create a rounded shape, rather it remains straight and flat, creating the ‘Dumbo’ effect. The result is that the ears (or one ear if only one side is affected) are noticeably far from the head and the overall look of the face is affected by this small, abnormal detail.


More volume for the breasts, but tailored to the patient’s proportions. Surgically increasing the breasts does not mean doing so in a standard way: each woman has different physical and tissue characteristics, just like how each woman’s expectations about breast augmentation surgery, which is one of the most requested plastic surgeries by women, are different. Choosing to having implants should be considered very carefully because custom-made breasts are, without a doubt, more beautiful.


Excess volume in the breasts (hyperplasia) is not just an aesthetic problem because it can cause the woman psychological and physical discomfort. In order to restore the serenity of the patient and balance out her proportions, breast reduction surgery can be performed, a procedure which is carried out in a day hospital under local anaesthetic.


Breasts have always been a sign of health and femininity. They are a fundamental element of sexual attraction and distinction between women: right from adolescence, each female follows, with some apprehension, the development of her breasts.


Deformities of the abdomen, which may be caused by a fat stomach, a stomach with excess skin, a mix of both of these or a relaxed stomach with flaccid and saggy skin, can noticeably affect a person’s overall silhouette. Surgery can be particularly effective in these cases to smoothly remodel the silhouette of the body.


After a remodelling cosmetic surgery procedure, the face and body become more elastic, but, in some cases, the leftover scars are visible, and a closer look at them may reveal their real nature. Today, these marks no longer have to be sources of worry because they can be removed just 2 months after they appear with a new technique: mosaic aesthetic surgery, which is performed under local anaesthetic and using an innovative drill called the Trilix.


Lips tend to become flatter and thinner with age and lose their fullness and youthful plumpness. These factors mainly depend on our genes but, fortunately, cosmetic surgery offers a series of treatments to combat these effects.


A face and neck lift involves replacing the tissues of the neck and face which have moved downwards with age. Over the years many techniques have been proposed to improve the results of face lifts and make them last longer. Depending on the specific situation, the surgeon chooses the procedure that causes the least harm and has the best and longest lasting results. The choice is based on a compromise between making the surgery as safe as possible and, at the same time, achieving the best results possible that last a long time.


Currently, untoned thighs can be treated without making long incisions and leaving obvious, visible scars. With new micro-surgical lifting, toning occurs thanks to an innovative drill, and excess skin gradually disappears, millimetre after millimetre, without leaving evident marks on the skin.


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