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May 2017
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mported from the USA, the myofascial massage is a massage technique that does not work on muscles but between muscles.


Massages are an ancient form of therapy and one of the most natural gestures that occur every day since it is instinctive to rub your back when painful or, in fact, any part of the body that hurts. In practice, a massage is a series of different movements that are performed on the body to soothe muscle or joint pains, tone the volume of certain tissue and maintain and improve psychical well-being by training tension and fatigue.


Using massages to get rid of fatigue, relieve pain, relax and allow for easy application of oils and ointments on to the skin has been used for thousands of years. It is probably the oldest form of medical treatments.


There are various types of massages: relaxation massages which help to relieve stress and fatigue and they make us feel cared for and pampered; sport massages which are considered to be an integral part of training for every athlete; rehabilitation massages which are used to encourage healing and get back to normal after an accident or surgical operation; and aesthetic massages which soften the skin and can help to reduce cellulite.


The most commonly used movements for massaging are effleurage, friction, petrissage and tapotement. They are performed on the body to relieve muscle or joint pain, tone tissue and conserve and improve psychical well-being, thus keeping tension and fatigue at bay.


Various techniques are applied to different areas in order to obtain better results. The massage areas are: the face and head; neck and shoulders; arms and hands; legs; and feet.


The lymph drainage massage (LDM) was thought up by Vodder around the 1920s. It works on the lymphatic vessels by activating the system and helping to remove interstitial fluid and lymph.


Shiatsu is a manual massage that was invented in Japan at the beginning of the 20th Century by some masters who practised traditional massage techniques called ‘anma’ or ‘do-in’, which come directly from the traditional Chinese massage or ‘tuina’. It is a very powerful rebalancing technique and regularly undergoing this treatment, carried out by expert hands, is an excellent way to stay healthy.


Pregnancy massages and prenatal massages are practices that indulge the needs of the future mother’s body during the different phases of pregnancy, and these do not only include joint problems.


During osteopathic treatment, a massage is used as a preparatory phase before performing more specific, articulator treatment (mobilisation of joints) and vertebrae repositioning of two bone caps that have posture and/or post-traumatic problems. In terms of osteopathic treatment, the term massage must refer more correctly to visceral manipulations that, together with fascial and cranio-sacral treatments, are particular to osteopathy.


A craniosacral massage is a holistic massage technique that involves the masseuse lightly touching the cranium bones and spinal cord so as to get in touch with the craniosacral rhythm that will be indulged and stimulated. Thanks to the various connections between the bodily systems that allow the body to work, the massage provides benefits on all levels, from simple anti-stress treatment to correcting posture, muscles, the gastrointestinal system and improving breathing. This massage is therefore ideal for sciatica, back pains, post-labour trauma, whiplash, migraines, scoliosis, dizziness and jaw joint problems.


Massages for babies create feelings of wellness, protect their health and strengthen the relationship between children and parents. However, this massage is not just a technique, rather it is a way to communicate based on touching and it can be performed right from when the baby is born and be continued for years to come. Furthermore, it is recommended for babies with health problems or disabilities.


These massages have been practised for thousands of years and they have recently become popular again thanks to the rediscovery of American beauty farms which relaunched this treatment all over the world. Hot stone massages boast various benefits ranging from the treatment of muscle problems to smoothing the skin.


Rather than work on the symptoms, chiropractic deals with the causes that create problems, concentrating attention on the relationship between structure (mainly the spine), function (coordinated by the nervous system) and the way in which this combination affects the recovery and maintenance of our health.


This is a unique way to deal with a poor state of the mind and body and it is quite unconventional and unknown, however it boasts many great benefits, including the use of energy from music.


There are numerous and various treatments that can be done before the summer to make you feel prepared to put on your swimsuit. Beauty centres, beauty farms and spas all propose ad hoc treatments for any type of imperfection.


A treatment that acts directly on points in the body where tension has accumulated, to remove blockages from the roots, restore agility and lengthen muscle chains.

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