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May 2017
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Relaxation massages help to relieve stress and fatigue and they make us feel cared for and pampered. There are various areas of the body which accumulate tension: the head, neck, arms, back and feet. Thanks to massages, the body’s flexibility and blood circulation improve, energy flow is stimulated and they help to produce an overall and intense feeling of vitality.

Sports massages are considered to be an integral part of training for every athlete, and the legs and feet in particular need massaging. The lower limbs work very hard during sport and if they are not massaged, tension can accumulate in them.

Rehabilitation massages are used to help healing and get back to normal after an accident or surgical operation. A physiotherapist should perform the massages in these cases.

Aesthetic massages soften the skin and can help to reduce cellulite, which forms due to poor functioning of the metabolism resulting in swelling, or an accumulation of fats in a specific area (usually the legs). The lymphatic vessels can be worked on with a massage that allows lymph to be removed, which accumulates between the skin and muscles.

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