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April 2017
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The passing of time causes changes to occur on the face: the skin gets thinner and loses elasticity (elastosis). There are various aesthetic medicine techniques available today that work against aging and wrinkles which, thanks to simple injections of special substances into the skin, notably reduce these imperfections.


Mesotherapy (developed by the French doctor Pistor in the 1950s) is based on injecting a set of pharmaceuticals in small doses via very thin needles, all of which are inserted at the same time. The instruments used can have from 3 to 18 needles positioned linearly or circularly and which are more or less 4mm long. Only doctors can decide which pharmaceuticals to use, in order to avoid traumas or hematomas from forming, especially when the surface to be treated is not flat.


Ultrasonic hydrolipoclasia is a form of aesthetic medicine that aims to treat localised adiposity without the use of surgery. In the case of excessive localised adiposity, the adipose tissue has not been changed, rather there is an increase in cells (in the number of volume). This phenomenon usually occurs in the lower parts of the body, particularly in women, causing more or less visible imperfections. It is important to define the factors that differentiate localised adiposity, which is a normal phenomenon, from cellulite, which is a problem to do with the hypodermis.


In a society where the use of pharmaceuticals, cosmetic surgery solutions and anti-stress massages are taking over, it can be a good idea to focus on one type of massage that combines the best of technical and medical competence with a part of the Oriental and Indian culture that is most definitely important: the energetic lymph drainage massage.

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