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April 2017
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Historians report that Romans tried to whiten their teeth using natural products, however they did not have very good results. During the Renaissance, people used a corrosive liquid called ‘aqua fortis’ in Latin, whilst aggressive substances were used in the late 19th Century, including oxalic acid.


Cleaning the face is considered to be a basic treatment in the field of aesthetics and it is needed to remove impurities, dead cells and blackheads from the surface of the skin. Some factors enhance the cosmetic effect of facial cleansing: humidity, because it softens the corneal layer (the top layer of the skin), causing the pores to dilate; an increase in skin temperature, because this reduces the viscosity of sebum and therefore makes the removal of black heads easier; vasodilatation, because this stimulates oxygenation of the tissues.


With age, the epidermis tends to get thinner and gradually lose its elasticity because of a reduction of the proliferation abilities of the cells, whilst hydration of the stratum corneum becomes poor. When the surface of the skin is dehydrated, as well as looking dull and rough, it gets irritated and red more easily and this can lead on to various problems. It is very important and fundamental to maintain the right level of hydration so that you improve and keep your skin looking healthy and bright but, above all, to positively affect the deepest layers of skin.


The most important symptom that characterises impure and seborrheic skin is the excessive secretion of sebum. This normally happens during adolescence, it happens to both males and females, but, in the majority of cases, it goes away at about 25 years old. Treatment for mild cases of these blemishes and/or skin disorders can be dealt with in the field of cosmetology and aesthetics, however severe forms require pharmacological therapy and medical treatment.


Sensitive and delicate skin that tends to go red and suffers from rosacea is often treated in both the aesthetic and medical fields. The skin can simply be red or it present signs of erythrosis or telangiectasia. These signs are often located on the cheeks but they can also go as far as the bridge of the nose, neck and chest.


Camouflage make up is 'therapeutic make up’, which is applied using particularly covering cosmetics. It can be useful for covering up temporary imperfections caused, for example, by an active phase of acne or following a plastic surgery procedure.


The skin is a dynamic organ. Every day the corneal layer removes an infinite number of keratinised cells via a physiological mechanism. Chemical peels are a quicker way of exfoliating which involves using a chemical substance. By undergoing chemical peel sessions, excellent and long-lasting aesthetic results can be obtained, which are free of unwanted side effects.

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