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April 2017
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The first news articles about botulinum and its effects date back to the 1800s when, in a small German town, a number of people died who had eaten uncooked ham. It was only understood after that these deaths were linked to the consumed ham and, as a result, the Latin term Botulus (sausage) was coined.

Le nuove forme estetiche fai da te


One cliché that has been overcome easily is that aesthetic treatments are long and boring. In fact, in recent years, new forms of cosmetics have been developed which make these practises easy, quick and fun. The main advantage of these new types of treatments is that, very often, you can apply them yourself and therefore there are no particular precautions to follow (if used properly). Here are some examples: black head strips, biphasic and multi-phasic products, self-heating masks, masks using material pads, cooling masks.

Maschera ad azione superficiale botu-simile


In the 18th Century, in the German city of Ellezelles, a number of people died who had eaten uncooked ham, made for a wake. The reason for it was unknown but the way in which it happened gave rise to the term botulism, from the Latin Botulus = sausage. In 1970, Dr Alan Scott, a Californian ophthalmologist who was looking for an alternative solution to cure strabismus, began treating some patients with botulinum toxin. This then led on to the first publication in 1980 about the use of this toxin on humans. All of this lead on to the first publication of the use of this toxin on humans in 1980.

LE GAMBE Salute e bellezza delle gambe

LEGS - The health and beauty of our legs

Beauticians says that female legs are beautiful if they are long, round, fleshy, white and slightly thinner towards the ankle, which should have gentle but pronounced bones, the knee joint must be barely visible and the part from the ankle to the thigh should follow a slight yet continuous curve.



Thanks to market requests for nail technicians, this job is becoming more and more popular. Being a nail technician is quite a new profession even though there is evidence that Ancient Egyptians and Chinese wanted to have long, strong and beautiful nails and used ‘prehistoric’ metal tips to do so. However, the use of the artificial nails we know today truly began in the 1950s.

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