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April 2017
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After coming back from holiday, our skin bears signs of stress from the sun, wind, sea and so on, showing that after having been fully immersed in nature, life outdoors has caused some deep tanning and in some cases a large amount of peeling!

It is therefore necessary to accustom the skin once again to your normal environment, especially because each day the temperature starts to down slightly and the cold days of winter (another season which is an enemy of the skin) lurk on the horizon.

Furthermore, even if, on return from the seaside or mountains, our hair and skin have not been noticeably damaged, it is unlikely that we will return to work and everyday life with our skin and hair in perfect condition, looking soft and luminous. Almost always after a summer holiday, we can see fairly accentuated dehydration rashes on the skin and extreme dryness. The former starts with little wrinkles appearing around the eyes and mouth and with the presence of small splits in the skin on the face and neck, which are highlighted by a tan. If you have freckles, these are also accentuated and our hair becomes stringy and dry. In the last few days of holiday, peeling (a physiological phenomenon when skin cells renew themselves) normally occurs and this makes the skin uneven and blotchy.

The most obvious piece of advice, usually given to those who take great care of their looks, is to head to a good beauty therapist as soon as you come home so that he/she can provide you with the best treatments and, in particular, advise you on the type of make-up that is best adapted to your skin at that time. If, however, you do not want to go to a beauty salon or it is not possible to reach one, put the following advice into practise so that you can treat your hair and skin as well as possible:

Your skin in Autumn
First of all, always and regularly cleanse your skin with good quality, natural cleansing milks so that the epidermis is conditioned and is ready for the nourishing, hydrating cream that will applied successively.

Choosing your moisturising cream is very important as it must be able to be absorbed by the skin during a light facial massage, as well as work well for you and provide the skin with a toned, soft quality, which forms the base of a good appearance.

Avoid foundation that is very light or reddish and instead choose more soft and pastel shades so that they harmonise with your tan.

A skin peel is a very good idea after being on holiday as it removes the stratum corneum (top layer of skin), refreshing the skin and making it more receptive to cosmetics.

Your hair in Autumn
In spite of all the treatments that you might have applied to your hair during the summer, Autumn makes your hair become hard and dry and less soft, bright and shiny.

Unfortunately it is not enough just to use so-called ‘nourishing’ shampoos so it is also recommended that you, for at least a few weeks after the summer, use treatments that contain light and absorbable oils.
It is also necessary to reinforce the roots of your hair with good quality, lightly alcoholic lotions that contain bioactive substances. Use restoring rubs too, that contain tricogena, which today are widely used at hairdressing salons.
If your hair is fine and quite weak, you should also use solutions that contain keratin because they strengthen the whole length of the hair by providing a light coating all over.
Finally, after the summer, make sure to brush your hair gently and slowly so that you do not pull out any unnecessarily and, since it will have hardened and dried somewhat during the summer, keep it soft and well conditioned.

Your figure in Autumn
If exercise, swimming, long walks and/or staying in a more healthy environment, by the sea or in the mountains for example, have contributed to improving your figure, try to keep in shape when you return from your holidays.
To do this you will need to choose the right physical activity, carried out either at the gym or at home, sticking to a good diet, preferably one proposed by a dietician or found on this website, and finally try to keep motivated and in a good mood. In fact it has been proven that stress causes the deposit of fatty tissues and even cellulite.


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