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April 2017
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During the winter season the cold and the wind can become the enemies of beauty.
The ideal climate for our skin is that of springtime when it is mild, without excessive sun or cold. How should one confront the rigors of a cold winter and the high altitude holidays one takes during winter then? With a bit of care and attention:

The cold and the wind
The cold causes a contraction of the blood vessels. Excessive exposure can cause some dehydration of the skin, especially if it is windy too. Short stays in the cold, alternated with short stays in the warm (for example, shorts walks followed by a short stay in a warm place), can contribute to the toning and detoxification of the skin thanks to the alternation between vasoconstriction and vasodilatation in peripheral circulation, which emphasises cellular metabolism. Extreme dehydration of the skin is not recommended as it can cause cracks that can become deep cuts therefore, those who have dry skin should use hydrating creams and nutrients and/or protective oils. Oily skin, however, has a natural, protective layer, caused by the excess production of sebum, which makes it slightly more resistant to atmospheric agents.
With the cold, our hands can get worn out very easily, becoming red and swollen. It is best to wear warm gloves and regularly use soothing creams.
During the harsh, windy season, our hair tends to dry out too, loosing its shine and softness. You can compensate for this by using conditioner straight after shampooing and applying slightly more than you would normally. Conditioner restores the natural grease in the hair, which is all too often removed by shampoos and other products, protecting it from maceration.

The sun
Wintertime sun, particularly in abundance, can be very dangerous. If in the mountains, you should wear stronger sun cream than you do on the beach to avoid burning and premature aging of the skin, which becomes difficult to correct with cosmetics products.
Wearing sunglasses is also recommended to protect the eyes from UV rays and to limit tearing, which is a natural reaction needed to protect the eyeball and regularly cover it with a layer of moisture. Sometimes, without protective sunglasses, an intense cold and wind can cause subconjunctival haemorrhages due to the rupture of a conjunctival vein when it constricts rapidly, consequently causing a lesion of the vascular wall.

Physical activity
A good level of physical activity and practising a wintertime sport can, as well as all the normal benefits, help to stimulate the cellular metabolism and improve health and the appearance of the skin. Let us look at the benefits of the two most commonly practised wintertime sports:

Downhill skiing
This sport can be particularly aggressive on the skin as it involves long periods of exposure to the sun at high altitudes, whilst the speed of the descent can cause acute dehydration, similar to that caused by a strong wind. This means that the use of protective sunglasses is necessary and careful attention should be paid to protecting the lips and face. Lip balm and strong sun protection cream are highly recommended.

Cross country skiing
The slow speed of cross country skiing does not cause the same problems to the skin that downhill skiing does, however the hard cardiovascular workout stimulates the metabolism, contributing to the purification of the skin.
Wearing a highly protective sun cream is also recommended for this activity to protect the skin from UV rays.

There should be no problems with beauty and skin care during the wintertime, nor the mild seasons, if you follow the precautions outlined above. Be careful with sun exposure at high altitudes as it can be very dangerous for the skin. The cold and strong winds can also be dangerous for the body as they can dehydrate the skin, chap the lips and cause subconjunctival haemorrhages, as well as dry out the hair.
However, the cold, in small doses, can be a toner for the skin due to the alternation between vasoconstriction and vasodilatation in peripheral circulation.

Wintertime sports, which are always fun, restore ones spirit and are often practised in the countryside, can cause problems for our beauty. It is necessary to wear protective eyewear as well as using high protection sun cream and an increased amount of hydrating and protective cosmetics, to compensate for the atmospheric effects, and to apply more hair conditioner than usual, after shampooing.


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