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April 2017
Beauty and makeup
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Prepararsi al make upQuite often photographs of beautiful models, that stand out amongst the pages of glossy magazines and that dominate television close-ups, catch our attention. There have been hundreds of times when we have all silently desired to look like the top model of the moment or emanate the same charm of excessively paid Hollywood actresses... why stop here though and not put it into practice? Maybe we cannot grow any taller and maybe it is not possible to become super slim or a size 0, but surely with a bit of good will we can improve our look?

It is important to LOOK
The first step will, inevitably, place us in front of the mirror, our essential accomplice in this adventure. Let’s study our little imperfections and learn how to hide them, minimise them and even turn them into new, charming characteristics... Not even beautiful faces are free from flaws, they may be small or almost invisible, but they are there! It is therefore important to be a little more critical when looking at the models that are used in the media and, at the same time, instil a bit of self-esteem into ourselves, starting from the principle that improving is always, and in every case, possible. That said, let’s now move on to the fundamentals...

Understanding what does not work for us
Let us carefully examine our look and try to work out what we need to lose and what we need to change. Is it our skin that we do not like? The shape of our eye brows or the unwanted hairs on our top lip? Is it the fact that we do not know how to enhance the oval shape of our face? Or are our eyes plagued by dark furrows and our eyelids a bit puffy? Fear not, there is a cure for almost everything.

How to get healthy skin
If the problem is that your skin on your face is not particularly amazing, then we need to sort out this inconvenience by using suitable, personalised and specific products. A general rule, that is valid for everyone, is to remember to have a good wash and, even if it is made up of simple actions, it should never be neglected. Cleansing, toning and moisturising are good to start with but these actions alone are not enough. We should complete the process by using face masks, peels, exfoliants, scrubs and nutritive or oil-free creams weekly – just to add to the list of things to do at the weekend! By identifying the type of skin we have (oily, dry, spotty, sensitive, combination, etc.) we are able to kit ourselves out with the suitable products we need to look after our epidermis in the best way possible. You could head to a skin expert, or if you prefer, a beautician or a dermatologist, or you could even opt for natural remedies like homeopathy or herbal remedies; it is not important how you do it, it is just essential to do it.

Operation clean
The skin must be looked after, cleaned and well maintained. This is the starting point for getting a good look. It would be pointless using a lot of make-up in the hope that it covers up the impurities that have accumulated over time. Daily cleansing can be completed by everyone and it must be done twice a day; once in the morning before leaving the house, and again in the evening before going to sleep.

  • Morning:  in the morning washing your face and neck with a gentle face wash, rinsing it with plenty of warm water, toning with an alcohol-free toner and applying a hydrating moisturiser to the face, that possibly has UV filters in it and can be used as a base for make-up, is enough.
  • Evening: in the evening, however, it will be necessary to do slightly more. Removing any traces of make-up is very important, not just because it allows the skin to breathe, but also because it encourages the skin to absorb the products that are about to be applied. With a cotton wool ball soaked in cleansing milk, or with a make-up wipe, remove every trace of make-up from the face. Repeat this carefully for a second time and then wash the face with a suitable product (not soap) that gently exfoliates. Products that contain micro granules can be a good choice. After patting the face with a towel, pour some toner on a cotton wool ball and dab the face and neck. Leave to dry for a few seconds and then gently and slowly apply moisturiser.

Around the eye area

The skin around the eyes, like the skin on the neck, is very thin and delicate, thus there are numerous products available on the market that have been specifically made for this part of the face. We should all, therefore, have some hypoallergic eye make-up remover and anti-wrinkle cream to use together with the normal skincare routine.

Around the mouth

It is also a good idea to use anti-wrinkle cream around the mouth, as well as ensuring we regularly apply cocoa butter or soothing shea butter to the lips, so that they do not become chapped.

Having improved the health of our skin and achieved a matt and bright look, we can now think about tweaking other parts of the face.

The eyebrows

An important feature, often unfairly undervalued, is the eyebrow. Few women know how to create the right shape for their eyebrows and in some cases the between the eyebrows in respect to the nose can look unnatural. Yet this is the starting point if you want your eyes to be distinctive... if tweezers are not your forte, here is some precious advice:

  • Thin eyebrows Never go to far with hair removal. In the 60s, extremely thin eyebrows were fashionable but in the third millennium they should be avoided at all costs; if you plucked too much in the past, and now you are left with an eyebrow that has few hairs, you will know that it is possible to correct this mistake with semi-permanent or permanent make-up, practised only by experts who work in salons that are certified to perform this procedure. If you do not want to subject yourself to such treatments though, you can solve the problem by making the right adjustments with an eyebrow pencil, taking care to choose a colour that does not seem too artificial; brunettes should avoid black and instead lean towards brown; if you are light skinned, choose a colour that goes well with your natural colouring.
  • Thick eyebrows If, when looking at yourself in the mirror, you see two unruly tufts sprouting out above your eyes, then it is definitely necessary to shape and improve your eyebrows. Invest in an new pair of tweezers that pluck well, so that you do not risk plucking the hairs haphazardly instead of removing them from the root; now position yourself in front a table mirror because this beauty procedure requires calmness and, preferably, should be done whilst sitting down. Equip yourself with an eyebrow comb and begin plucking. Begin by removing one hair at a time, starting from the inside and moving towards the cheekbone, proceeding in an orderly fashion and always removing just one hair at a time. In order to get the right distance between the two eyebrows, use a cotton bud or a pencil; put the chosen instrument in a vertical position in such a way that it joins the base of the nose with the highest part of the septum. Anything that pokes out of the side of this straight line can be removed... A final suggestion: keep in mind is that, in the vast majority of cases, it is not necessary to reduce the size of the eyebrows by much. The right thing to do is work to the natural shape of the eyebrow, only removing what is necessary.

Unwanted hairs

Once sworn enemies of women, unwanted hairs are no longer a problem. There are many different hair removal methods available, from temporary and periodical procedures to permanent ones, that remove little moustaches and hairs very easily and are low cost. Hair removal creams and razors however, should be avoided - and definitely not used on the face - because, although it may seem that they give the quickest result, they are counterproductive to your beauty.

Now the face is ready. All unwanted hairs are gone and everything has been treated so you can now immerse yourself in the art of make-up. Applying make-up is actually an art form and, to ensure you do a good job, you need to start by kitting yourself out with the necessary tools.

The tools

The tools of the trade to keep on hand, but above all to keep clean, a small in number and inexpensive but essential for a successful outcome. What you need:

  • Brushes with natural bristles (small, medium and large);
  • A lip brush;
  • A medium-sized blusher brush;
  • A large powder brush;
  • Small, flat eye shadow brushes;
  • Small, sponge eye shadow applicators;
  • A foam sponge for foundation;
  • A velvet powder puff;
  • Cotton buds to correct any smears;
  • Tissues;
  • A pencil sharpener with two sizes;
  • A small comb or a toothbrush for the eyebrows;
  • Make-up setting spray;
  • A thermal water spray.

As already mentioned, your accessories must always be clean. Wash sponges and brushes in warm water with a neutral soap and repeat this action regularly. To make the best use of them, all you have to do now is use them... Have fun!


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