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April 2017
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Make-up for special events

Il trucco della sposa


The best and most important day of the life of each woman has to be ‘perfect’ because it is remembered forever by the people who were there and took part in it. The bride, the most important person at the event, must be absolutely beautiful, a beauty that comes from the strength of her emotions and that matches the dress, atmosphere and location perfectly.

Il trucco da sposa


‘What did the bride look like?’ Out of curiosity, this is the most common question posed to wedding guests and the answer is closely linked to the spirit of the bride, her dress, hairstyle and, obviously, her make-up. When it comes to a bride, everything is allowed: hairpieces, extensions, fake eyelashes, fake nails, petticoats, high heels...everything, because she represents the prettiest and most elegant woman, not just on that day, but ever.

Trucco per capodanno


For many people, the end of the year represents a moment of passing between something old and something new. Optimism and hope are ignited, and the desire to change an unsatisfying situation makes us imagine, or at least hope, that from tomorrow everything will be better and that by next year everything will be different. So, in order to preserve this hope, and to emphasise it, we prepare ourselves very carefully, according to our own style and personality, using our imagination, creativity and eccentricity for this moment of change. Shop windows are full with all types and styles of evening dresses: smart, extravagant, black, multi-coloured, elegant and covered in precious stones and sequins; shops are ready to satisfy any need and all tastes and wishes.
...and amongst all this, where does make-up fit in?!

Trucco per carnevale


The desire for happiness, to have fun, to enjoy yourself, break all the rules (especially those regarding the way we usually look) and live in a different way like we have all dreamed of at least once in our life: carnival is the perfect moment to realise all of this… so let us start dressing up!

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