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May 2017
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The skin has a physiological regulatory function and it is because of this that it has an important role in the general metabolism of water in the body, and this is also why the level of hydration of the stratum corneum of the epidermis , which keeps the skin elastic and nourishes the skin’s surface, is extremely important. The stratum corneum, which is is exposed to our external environment, has the ability to check its own water content for the presence of any substances that retain water.

What is more, thanks to the keratin in the corneum cells, with the right level of hydration the stratum corneum works as a thermal insulator, provides even the deepest layers with water, neutralises acids and alkalis and works as a barrier against penetration of foreign bodies and microorganisms.

Without any hydrosoluble substances, the keratin in the stratum corneum becomes fragile, it loses its elasticity and protective features against chemical agents, it is rough to touch and looks like dry skin.

There are numerous possible causes behind dehydration:

  • reduction in humidity in one’s environment;
  • increase in temperature and sun exposure;
  • reaction with chemical substances;
  • illness or disease;
  • the body cannot balance the level of humidity in the stratum corneum, which may cause dehydration or a change to sebum production.

Some examples:

During the winter, since there is little humidity in the air, the skin becomes rough because of a reduction in sebum secretion.
Prolonged exposure to solar rays can cause the same effect on the skin.

As well as these factors and a metabolism dysfunction, dehydration of the skin may also be caused by cleansers or inappropriate soaps which make the stratum corneum dry.

We need to help the skin stay healthy for a long time and we can do this by applying cosmetic products externally which contain natural hydrating ingredients, and this creates a hydrating coat for the skin.

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