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May 2017
Beauty and makeup
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The skin is an organ made up of various tissues which cover the human body, protect it and let it interact with the outside world.

Skin is defined as healthy when, at any age, its characteristics are normal and all vital processes it performs work correctly. In this section you will find everything you need to know about skin imperfections and how to treat them, and you can learn about the differences between different types of skin - dry skin, greasy skim, mixed skin, couperose skin and hypersensitive skin - identify which type of skin you have and what products are best suited to your skin type.



The skin is an organ made up of various tissues which cover the human body, protect it and let it interact with the outside world. The structure and physiology of the skin are described in this article.


This article provides an anatomical and physiological description about skin appendages, which include: hair follicles, sebaceous (sebum) glands, sweat glands, blood vessels, nervation, nerve corpuscoles and melanophore cells.


This article provides an overview of the functions carried out by the skin: protective, thermoregulating, sensory, respiratory, secretional, defensive and reproductive.

Skin types and imperfections


This article provides a description of the main skin types: dry, oily, mixed, couperose and hyper-sensitive skin. The characterstics of cosmetics that should be used for different skin types are also described in this article.


There are many possible causes of dehydration: reduced humidity in the air, increase in temperature or sun exposure, the use of chemical substances or illness. We need to help the skin stay healthy for a long time and we can do this by applying cosmetic products externally which contain natural hydrating ingredients, and this creates a hydrating coat for the skin.


There are two types of oily skin: oily skin that looks waxy because of stagnant sebum in the follicles, called asphyctic, and skin with excess flowing sebum, which is defined as oily.


Couperose is a skin imperfection that is the result of vasodilatation in the sub-epidermic microcircle. Vasodilatation frequently originates over time and becomes a permanent condition of erythrosis, which causes the appearance of telangiectasia (permanent dilatation of blood vessels).

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