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April 2017
Beauty and makeup
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Pulizia della pelle


Being on the outside of the body, the skin is exposed to harmful external agents: dust and germs land on the skin’s surface and mix with the sebum and sweat changing the equilibrium on the surface. Today, rather recklessly, we tend to use the wrong kind of cleansing products.

Tonificazione della pelle


Cleansing milk is a fundamental initial step in a good cosmetic routine, and toning is, without a doubt, another essential stage.
Tonics are ancient beauty allies for female beauty: in the past distilled rose petal and orange flower water was used to make the faces of many women look lively and splendid.

Creme nutrienti


The cells in our bodies, and even those in the skin, receive the nourishment they require through the circulatory system. The field of cosmetics has created a category of products that are incorrectly yet effectively called nourishing products and they are able to replenish the skin with the substances which are normally present but which are depleted during the day, which causes physiological mechanisms to be less effective.

Creme idratanti


We need to keep the fluids in our tissues in constant equilibrium because of the particular chemical composition of the human body, the majority of which is made up of water. The cold, wind, sun, pollution in the air, illness and the natural aging process can cause gradual dehydration of the cutaneous tissue though, so it is best to try and prevent this from happening by trying to contrast it rather than work against it when it is already too late.

Creme protettive


The skin must be protected to prevent imperfections and problems that are caused by external factors. After cleansing and toning the skin on the face, it is advisable to apply skin cream, softening fluids or gels to protect the face from the wind, sun, cold, smog and humidity.


Wrinkles that create deep folds in the skin, scars from acne that leave small craters that mark the face, holes caused by cellulite and thin lips are all imperfections that have something in common: they can all be filled. How? With fillers.

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