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April 2017
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Obesity is becoming more and more common in Western societies and this is mainly because of unhealthy life styles, imbalanced diets, that are rich in fats and sugars, and not enough physical exercise is carried out. Here we are going to discuss how to improve the lifestyle by improving the diet.

To lose weight, but above all to stay healthy, you do not have to starve yourself or loose drastic amounts of weight. In homotoxicology, which aims at removing toxins from the body, it is thought that weight is gained in a different way for each person.
Starting with these ideas in mind, it is clear that to help people loose weight, doctors must carefully consider each patient individually, study them and look further than their physical characteristics to their psychological ones too. On top of this, a natural treatment must be prescribed that is personalised and can work at different levels in the body in order to help lose weight without any side effects.

During this diet, organic meals are eaten at different points during the day:
For breakfast you can alternate between fresh foods like fruit, biscuits with yoghurt and tea or coffee.
The next meal should be made up of vegetables mixed with pasta or rice and cheese.
The afternoon snack should be fresh fruit.
Dinner should be made up of  low fat fish and vegetables.
Dressings can be made up of fresh, extra virgin olive oil and at least 1.5-2 litres of mineral water should be drunk every day.

The true difference and innovative characteristic of the organic, homotoxicological diet is the drainage of toxins or accumulated wastes from the body, thus identifying the causes of weight gain.
‘...good drainage is already half of a good treatment.’ This is what Dr H.H. Reckeweg, the father of homotoxicology, claimed in the 1950s.
Draining toxins from the body is the first step towards a successful treatment, whether it is a conventional or non-conventional treatment, and this is the fundamental requirement for conserving the state of ones health and for ensuring the effectiveness of any treatment. Drainage means stimulating the tissues and organs into excreting waste and toxins. This is, therefore, real detoxification activated by homotoxicological medicines that cause excretion from the liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, skin and intestines, from which harmful substances are also excreted. The toxins are then ‘moved’ towards the excretory organs by other medicines, for example Galium Heel that is able to separate toxins, and a medicine called Lymphomyosot, that has lymphagogue properties (i.e. it stimulates the pumping action of the lymphatic blood vessels that transport the waste products). The toxins are then expelled from the body through the skin, activated by Thuja Compositum, the liver, which increases excretion due to Lycopodium Compositum, and the kidneys, thanks to Solidago Compositum, which is considered a natural diuretic.

Another advantage of the homotoxicological diet, other than the drainage of toxins, is the opportunity it provides to use substances that are personalised to your diet, thus helping to better support a low calorie food regime. To reduce your appetite and hunger pains you can regulate glandular action by taking Hypothalamus. To stabilise (female) neurotic and excitable moods, Ignatia Homaccord can be taken. For overweight patients, whose weight issues relate to bloating and water retention that have come about from steroid abuse, Cortison injeel can be taken. Often, unwanted weight can be caused by uncontrollable hunger pains which can be decreased by taking daily doses of Anacardium Hommaccord.
Continuous and long-lasting weight loss only occurs when all problems have been solved, that is, as expressed in homotoxicology; you must complete the ‘ground work’. It is here where the real personalised treatment comes in to play: in order to do make a treatment personalised, some particular things have to be taken into consideration: physical characteristics of the patient, personality traits, food preferences and illnesses, because in homotoxicology, being overweight is connected to these elements.

Amongst the numerous homotoxicological remedies, there are 4 that correspond to weight gain and deal with weight gain in different areas of the body.
They are:

  • the phosphoric remedies that deal with weight gain, particularly around the legs and thighs;
  • the fluoric remedies that deal with water retention and fat accumulation, particularly around the thighs;
  • the carbonic remedies that deal with the ease with which people gain weight, all over the body;
  • the sulphuric remedies for women who are tall and muscular and weigh a lot rather than being overweight.

Creating a personalised, therapeutic treatment is quite possible and this is definitely the main advantage of this diet. The fact that the abovementioned drugs do not have any side effects on intricate bodily functions  must also be considered. Finally, the importance of toxin expulsion from the body must not be undervalued, especially that from an overweight body because there will most certainly be an increased amount of toxins.


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