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April 2017
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Behind the difficulty of saying goodbye to cigarettes often lies the fear of putting on weight. In fact nicotine, which is an alkaloid that is easily absorbed by the body and that induces addiction and other effects on the nervous and cardiovascular system, is one of the main things responsible for the dreaded weight gain.


We often add excessive amounts of salt to our food to give it more taste, or we use ingredients that are very rich in salt without thinking about the damage this could cause to our health. Is it possible to follow a low sodium diet that is tasty though?


All over the world and since the beginning of time mankind has connected both the act of eating and food with sexuality. But there is eating and there is eating when you talk about Eros, the Greek God of love. In order to make a nice evening last longer, it is a good idea to avoid eating too much food and to pay attention to the quality of it.


Only the traditional Christmas lunch, including all the starters and cakes, could be made up of more than 3000 calories, which is almost equal to the energy needs of two days for a small woman! One of the main strategies to adopt in order to oppose those extra kilograms is to keep an eye on your energy balance. It should suffice to plan, for each day of celebrations, a special ‘food day’ that will not only help to reduce the previously consumed calories, but also help the liver and kidneys to dispose of the toxins produced by excess fats, sugars, alcohol and animal protein.


In the last few years it has been alleged more and more often that prolonged sun exposure increases the oxidative stress on the skin, and/or the production of free radicals – toxic substances that accelerate aging of body cells and, thus, also the skin. In order to neutralise the actions of these toxic compounds, it is necessary to take antioxidants as part of your diet, every day, like vitamins A, C and E and minerals like selenium and zinc.


Springtime is connected to ‘spring cleaning’: in the house you redecorate and clear out any unnecessary clutter. In the same way, our bodies need to clean themselves out after the stresses of wintertime because we stay inside for months and eat a diet rich in fats and protein and low in vegetables, causing the accumulation of toxins in the body. This article is about a diet that brings together all the good points about Spring.


Strong mental commitment has always been considered a physical effort and therefore it requires adequate nutrition. Studying is something that affects people from 6 - 25 years old and this is also the time when we have the greatest nutritional needs, on both a qualitative and quantitative level, since many specific nutrients are needed to build new tissues.


Whether one likes it or not, exam stress affects all students, from primary school pupils to university students, in quite an intense way. Stress, that is often brought on by ourselves, can cause dietetic problems like hunger strikes caused by ‘closed stomachs’ and overdoses of stimulating drinks (coffee, tea, etcetera) or high calorie snacks to ‘pick yourself up’. These are all things that provide a moment of immediate gratification but in the long run they produce the opposite effect of what we want.
A good diet – which does not mean punishing – can actually play an important role, not just during the weeks of studying but also during the challenging days of the exams.


There is a close link between what we eat and the health of our teeth. Eating badly can cause cavities and lead on to various types of serious gum diseases, which can even cause teeth to fall out (as is the case with periodontitis).

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