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May 2017
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Cardiovascular activities: AEROBICS


Around the 1970s, a physical education teacher, Jackie Sorenson, changed jogging slightly by using the whole plane of movement, adding jumps to the steps and giving names to them, thus giving life to ‘aerobics’. Today, aerobics is more popular than gymnastics for different reasons: the music; the fact that you carry out continual and intense movements, allowing you to release tensions; the fact that aerobics is a comprehensive workout.


The physical activity that works out the heart and lungs the most is 'aerobic' activity. Choosing to do aerobics as a type of cardiovascular workout usually has two reasons behind it: you do not have to be outside, like when jogging, skiing, swimming or cycling, and the fact that the execution of a motor gesture is not cyclic nor repetitive but varied and accompanied by music.


An aerobics lessons can be classified as Low impact, High impact, a combination of the two (high-low impact) or interval circuit training, according to the techniques used. An aerobics lesson is structured in such a way that it lasts 60 minutes and is made up of an initial general warm up phase, followed by an aerobic warm up phase and then, finally, an intense aerobic phase that lasts for 20-40 minutes.


With the step, which is about 40cm wide, 1m long and can be 10-25cm high, you carry out a series of dynamic exercises stepping onto and off the platform whilst constantly staying in time with the music. The activity carried out on the step improves the efficiency of the cardio-vascular system, as well as toning the lower limbs through high intensity and low impact work.


The slide is a piece of equipment that allows us to do lateral exercise. The importance of lateral exercise comes from the fact that a large part of conventional training methods involve movements on the sagittal plane or upwards and downwards, thus bone structures, especially lower limb joints, are not used to movements carried out on the lateral plane.


Spinning, or a group aerobic workout on an exercise bike, is an aerobic exercise that was imported to Europe from America in 1995. It came about as an indoor training method for cyclists and its technical evolution is thanks to its inventor Johnny G., an American cyclist who created this training method that is a great aerobic workout and which burns a lot of calories.


The most common postural position of mankind is the ‘sitting’ position. This position can cause harmful overload on certain areas of the spine. Back pains are common place in todays society and requests to set up rehabilitation programmes or analgesic treatments at gyms are becoming more and more frequent.

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