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May 2017
Fitness and sport
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In today's society, a person in good shape and who is good-looking feels more comfortable emotionally and in social situations and works better. One type of physical activity that is very effective is gymnastics due to the results that can be achieved.


CrossFit is a traversal training programme that aims to strengthen all physical components, such as strength, resistance, cardiorespiratory ability and balance, through the use of different types of exercises, both aerobic and anaerobic.


Samba Fitness is a new discipline that combines Brazilian Samba and fitness and teaches participants the basics of an ancient Brazilian dance together with the basics of cardio fitness.


Given that H.I.I.T. involves such short bursts of activity, it is essential to fully respect both these times and the intensity of the workout to ensure that the training has the desired effects.


Fight Class is an exercise course that was inspired by the athletic training of boxing, and more generally combat sports, even though this sport itself does not involve physical contact.


High Intensity Interval Training is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training, a training method which is a form of Interval Training that involves alternating between short yet intense periods of activity and equally as short rest periods in which gentle exercise is done.


The word exercise lends itself to many interpretations and, more often than not, exercise is thought to be purely physical, or that exercise requires you to do lots of different exercises so as to kick-start our body made of bones, muscles and tendons. Doing exercise actually means moving, or putting our body in motion; such a concept does not only imply physical movement but also education of the mind.


The physical activity that works out the heart and lungs the most is 'aerobic' activity. Aerobic sports are those that involve resistance or endurance and, whilst doing these activities, oxygen becomes a type of fuel.


Muscle conditioning regards the ability to train your muscles to a  degree of contraction that is different to the normal degree, resulting in improved neuromuscular response (tone), improved resistance (endurance) and better nutritional status (tropism).


Pole Dance and Aqua Pole Dance are two very similar physical activities. The main difference between them is that one is carried out on land and one in water.

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