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May 2017
Fitness and sport
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Bossaball is a team sport that combines technical movements and rules from volleyball, football, gymnastics and capoeira (Brazilian dance mixed with fighting movements). A so-called bossaball court can be set up anywhere where there is enough space, for example, on a tennis court, a beach, a field or even inside a sports centre.


Broom ball is a team sport that is similar to ice hockey in many aspects; the rules are simple but strategic aspects and training are quite complex. Players have a special broom in their hands and they must wear special shoes instead of skates which allow them to run on ice.

Slacklining involves walking on a line of nylon webbing anchored to two poles without any support or foothold; you only have your balance to help!


Street Golf, also known as Urban Golf, was invented in Hamburg, Germany, thanks to an idea from Nikola Krasermann and Torsten Schiing, who founded the Natural Born golfers group in 1992


SUPS (Stand Up Paddle Surfing), or more simply SUP, is a sport practised with a longboard (a very big surfboard, approximately 3.4m in length) and an oar and the aim is to stand up and paddle either over waves or on still waters.

Taking a big breath, having strength in the arms and legs and wanting to have fun are the requisites of pump track, one of the most interesting new sports for mountain bike lovers. The name pump track refers to the track made up of bumps, holes and curves, whilst the ‘pump’ part refers to the action carried out by the individual.

Bouldering is a climbing activity carried out on boulders that are 5-6m high and performed through a series of 8-10 movements. This discipline was originally a training method for Alpine climbers, but then it developed into a sport itself that is carried out on low rock faces that are already filled with spits.

Canyoning involves walking down rivers that flow between narrow gorges/canyons that naturally occur in steep rocks. These are basins with a small amount of running waterand inside these canyons are obstacles such as waterfalls, which can be overcome with the help of safety cords, dives, slides or climbing (downwards).

The kickbike is the result of the evolution of the scooter; it has a front wheel that has a diameter of 28”, that is, the size of a normal bicycle wheel. Together with the mechanical changes, this feature gives the scooter a new, modern and captivating design, a new structure and better aerodynamic characteristics, and therefore it is possible to reach higher speeds and use this bike for competitive and sporting means.

The new trend on the slopes comes from Germany and involves using a newly designed ‘board’ that is a cross between a ski, a snowboard and a sledge. It is a singular ski, which can vary in length (90-150cm), attached to a small seat which the athlete can sit back on when travelling down a slope.

Combining the classic box movements to spinning gives us spinnbox, a newly thought up discipline which is effective, fun and stress relieving and which fuses together the advantages of both these sports.

Aqua Pilates is a new discipline that takes Joseph Pilates' teachings and readapts the positions of classic Pilates in order to carry them out in water, which puts less pressure on the joints.

Power walking is neither jogging or running, rather it is a powered walk both in terms of speed and effort and it is good for keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. The ‘power’ can be obtained in various ways: by using weights (wogging), walking on special surfaces (such as sand), walking at different rhythms and doing constant movements.

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