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April 2017
Fitness and sport
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What it is

Power walking is neither jogging or running, rather it is a powered walk both in terms of speed and effort and it is good for keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. The ‘power’ can be obtained in various ways: by using weights (wogging), walking on special surfaces (such as sand), walking at different rhythms and doing constant movements.


This techniques involves using weights both held in the hands and applied to the ankles. Holding small weights in the hands or wearing modest weighing wrist weights strengthens the muscles in the chest and the arms, and this also increases the work carried out by the legs and the overall training effect. Wearing ankles weights strengthens the leg muscles and joints. This technique should only be used by those who are already masters of basic training techniques so the joints do not get injured.

Sand power walking

Power walking on sand has been codified as a real sporting and training activity in California and it involves walking on sand with big strides and bare feet, maintaining the correct posture and breathing in the sea air deep into the lungs.
Some rules must be followed in order to make this type of powerwalking beneficial though:

  • do a short warm-up (10 minutes): jump on the spot, rotate the upper body and do some stretching;
  • maintain the correct posture – you should be relaxed and not contracting any muscles when doing this. If you become stiff or your back hurts, postpone the exercise;
  • breathe regularly and consciously move the abdominals when inhaling and exhaling;
  • time the length of the sessions according to level of training – they should be from 10-30 minutes maximum.

Barefoot sand power walking is very beneficial for the joint muscles in the ankle, which are normally neglected, and it also improves posture and flexibility. In addition, it strengthens the leg, torso, abdominal, dorsal and glutei muscles, and since it is an aerobic exercise, it benefits us on a cardiovascular level too.

The psychological benefits of power walking

An energetic walk is also beneficial for our minds, especially for the elderly. A study carried out by the University of Illinois showed that regularly practising power walking helps to stimulate the memory and attention span and prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease.


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