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April 2017
Fitness and sport
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Medium/high intensity aerobic training

To increase lung capacity, training should be aerobic and the intensity should be mid/high, so as to oxygenate tissues and work out the cardiovascular system. The best activities are jogging outdoors or using indoor fitness equipment, like a treadmill or bike.

For those who do not have anywhere nearby to go running, the treadmill or the bike are great solutions. Training indoors also has special advantages:
  • the treadmill is softer on the feet and stops the spine from getting so tired
  • the integrated computer allows you to get the most out of training by changing the time, distance and speed, and the best models even measure how many calories you are burning.

Standard training times

1st week 2nd week3rd week 4th week continued...
3 days3 days3 days3/4 days3/4 days
10 minutes10 minutes15 minutes20 minutes20 minutes

Recommended heart rate during training (we recommend you use a heart rate monitor)

Age years

RECOMMENDED heart rate
(approximate value)


MAXIMUM heart rate
(approximate value)


Physical activity should be coupled with a good food regime. Do not exceed the amount of calories that is recommended per day and, if overweight, it may be a good idea to go on a diet. 


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