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May 2017
Fitness and sport
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In this section you can read about various sports with an emphasis on physiology, training and history.


Athletics is one of the oldest sports we know, it is practised all over the world and it is the pinnacle of the Olympic Games. This section will provide basic information on athletics, starting from its history and moving on to descriptions of the various events.


Many people wrongly consider golf as a static game and therefore it is often linked to older people, however, golf should be considered as the opposite of this as it involves all sporting elements, can easily be customised to personal needs and can be played by people of all ages. The main sporting element of golf (hand eye coordination) means it is perfect for young players, whilst the cardiovascular benefits that golf offers make it perfect for older and elderly players.


In applied physiology, football is classified as an activity with alternating aerobic-anaerobic characteristics. This comes from the fact that the game, which lasts 90 minutes, continually requires alternated metabolic commitments, the application of various types of strength and complex and specific coordination skills.


Sporting disciplines, like skiing and ice skating, are very popular all over the world, especially in countries where there is a lot of snowfall. In recent years, however, winter sports are being practised during other seasons too, thanks to sporting facilities and artificial snow systems.


Netball is a team sport that is fast and involves lots of changes of play. It is similar to basketball but some rules and tactical aspects make it particularly suitable for females, however, over time, it has become a popular male sport too.


Although it is commonly known as a support activity for sports like football and basketball, cheerleading is a real sport in itself, combining elements of gymnastics, dance and stunts.


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