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May 2017
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The origins of cultivating vines, typical plants of the Mediterranean, are lost in times. Wine, a drink known and loved by millions, is obtained from the fruits of this plant, through alcoholic fermentation of their juice.

Depending on the grapes and methods used for transforming grape juice into this precious drink, various types of wines can be produced, from fortified or mature wines to sparkling ones or 'Novello' wines.

As well as classifying the different types of wines, preservation techniques, usually carried out in a wine cellar, and the best serving methods, useful for bringing out every quality of the wine, can be found in this section. You can also find information about choosing the right wine for the occasion and improving your wine tasting skills.


A short introduction to wine, a drink whose origins relate back to Noah, according to the Old Testament. Whether that is true or not does not change the fact that this precious drink is known and loved by millions.


White, rosé or red wine? Still or sparkling? From Chianti to Champagne, this is an article about the different grapes and wine making methods which distinguish the various types of wine and which allow producers to provide different wines for different needs.


A wine cellar is the ideal place to preserve bottles of wine. It must be the right temperature and have the right humidity. Here you can find suggestion about creating an ‘essential’ wine cellar, where you will be able to find the right wine for any occasion, as well as tips about how to appreciate wine in various ways; firstly observing it, then appreciating the smell and then, finally, tasting it!


Once your cellar is full of great wine, it is important, so you do not waste the wines, to know how to serve them the right way. From a decanter for mature red wines to ice buckets for sparkling wines, from the sommelier corkscrew to the serving temperautre, as well as the right glasses, here you will find all the instructions you need to serve wine the proper way.

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