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April 2017
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They can serve sweets or gratins, they can be limited to just serving or they can be used to give a dish an original and artistic shape, but most importantly, they are things that you must have in the kitchen: moulds.


From a cherry pitter to a pineapple corer, these utensils help to complete your kitchen.


Electrical appliances have been invented for every need: for cutting, slicing, beating, juicing, mixing, etcetera. They are very useful but be careful not to buy superfluous appliances.


What makes a saucepan different from a frying pan? When is it best to use a stewpan and when is it best to use a pot? When should we choose steel, copper or aluminium pots and pans? Pots, pans and so on are symbols of excellence in the kitchen and culinary art.


Knives are probably the utensil that is used the most in the kitchen and is, therefore, the most important. It is precisely because of this that they must be chosen carefully and you must keep in mind what they will be used for, and remember that the quality of the products (which normally means an expensive price tag) indicates how trustworthy and practical they are. Good quality also means that they will last for a long time. In this article we will discuss the essential kitchen knives together with a brief overview of particular knives.

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