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May 2017
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Some of aspects of psychology that influence our well-being include:

  • the emotions
    Joy, anger, fear: emotions are a response method which are closely linked to motivations, and they occur on a psychological, behavioural and physiological level. Try to measure your ability to recognise your emotions and those of others with our test.
  • psychosomatics
    The body and mind are not two separate worlds, rather they two parts that continually affect each other.
    Psychosomatics is a new branch of medicine that combines the world of emotions and feelings with the disorder 'soma' by trying to understand the influence that emotions have on the body and its affections.
    More about anxiety, phobias and depression
    Do our test to find out about your behaviour towards certains things in life, such as: destine and control, optimism and pessimism, control and health.
  • Evolutionary psychology and relationships
    What can help couples to survive? What is passion, commitment, intimacy? What are the reasons not to stay together? If love is over, how can you react?
  • Communication
    Knowing how to communicate means understanding and having more possibilities to be included: a good starting point is being more calm.
    Our communication style depends on how we are and interaction with others; why not read more about 'communication technqiues' which, by guiding our behaviour, can improve relationships with ourselves, via self-esteem, and positively help our relationships with others? The ability to listen is fundamental - measure how good you are at listening!

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