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May 2017
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There are a large and complex number of phenomena which afflict people in their daily lives and which are attributable to the psychological field. Some of these are rooted in behaviour which is typical of humans, however others are new and are related to the development of society and customs. This section includes articles about current phenomena, the objects of sociological and psychological studies, like stalking or bullying, and texts which help you to outline and explore theories and newly defined issues related to psychical well-being, rather than physical well-being.


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From autogenic training to dance therapy and from pet therapy to poetry therapy: in the last few years alternative therapies have become popular and seen an ever growing consensus and these therapies are aimed at resolving and alleviating psychological problems. This sections explores the origins of new psychological therapies, their development and fields of application, thus helping you to understand which therapy is better adapted for your own needs and interests.


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When we talk about addiction, we almost always think about drug addictions and the psycho-physical problems related to them. In reality though, many other types of addictions exist, that are not necessarily any less dangerous than those related to drugs, which are studied and researched in the fields of psychology and psychiatry, and, in most cases, they are induced by phenomena related to modern day lifestyles and the society of consumers. There are 'new' and 'old' addictions and this sections offers a large overview about all of the above which, subconsciously or not, can seriously affect a person's psycho-physical balance.


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Music therapy, understood as a treatment method for pedagogical or psychological work, lets patient communicate, with the help of the therapist, via a different to the verbal one since it involves the ISO (individual sonorous identity) which uses sound, music and movement to open channels of communication and a window into the internal world of the patient. From a therapeutic point of view, music becomes an active multisensory, relational, emotional and cognitive stimulation which is used for various problems like prevention, rehabilitation and support, with the aiming being to reach better integration on an interpersonal and intrapersonal level and better psycho-physical harmony and balance.

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