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April 2017
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‘Reaching the top’ and ‘climbing a mountain’ are metaphorical expressions that refer to mountains and which represent success, fulfilling a goal and moving upwards. Mountains are therefore a symbol of determination, the end point and a more or less easy to reach goal and they represent the idea of ‘being able to do it’.


Autogenic training is a method that was originally invented for teaching adults to fulfil numerous objectives, which were important for their psycho-physical health, by initially taking part in guided procedures and then, after, working independently from a trainer. It is a training method that helps develop thought capabilities and methods, getting in touch with emotional experiences and dealing with emotions and reactions to stimuli, and it is a very good instrument for life style and behavioural education, thus helping you to stay healthy.


Tango has officially been declared a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, who recognises the intangible need to protect the knowledge and expression of the tango. The geographical area of Rio de la Plata, the birthplace of the tango, has meant that both Argentina and Uruguay have been recognised as the authorities of the tango, officialised on 30th September 2009 in Buenos Aires.


Telling stories to children that involve ‘travelling with ones mind’ is an ancient tradition that, as well as representing one of mankind’s fascinating leisure activities, can be a good instrument for teaching and it can even be a type of therapy aimed at solving behavioural and emotional problems.


Although the term bibliotherapy is often used a lot in a somewhat simple way to describe the reading of books, professionals often recommend it in order to help patients improve a problem. However, this method of help is actually an effective and scientific set of special, interactive support techniques for one’s health which is used successfully all around the world...


A form of art therapy which is applicable in many contexts, even simple ones, and is appropriate for every age is theatre therapy, which uses the capabilities of role play games to help well-being, upbringing, integration and change.


Art therapy consists of looking into ones psycho-physical well-being through artistic expression of thoughts, experiences and emotions. It uses the skills that everyone has to creatively elaborate all the feelings that we cannot express with words and in everyday contexts. Our internal imaginations become visible and shared external images through this creative action and these images then communicate to others what is going on inside our internal emotional and cognitive worlds.


Although group psychotherapy was originally the result of the need to help patients deal with the financial part of therapy, it was quickly observed that there were particular elements that promoted the development of relationships, identification bonds, the creation of a common culture and powerful, transformation mechanisms.


When breathing, there are signals and answers about the physical and psychical condition of the individual therefore frequent problems with breathing mean there is a problem relating to your emotions. Rebirthing teaches you to use your breath to rediscover happiness, self-esteem and love towards yourself, as well as solve problems like insomnia, anxiety, shyness and depression.


Dance is an important instrument for expressing ourselves and it can be used to show the deepest parts of human nature. It is therefore obvious that there is therapeutic potential in dance therapy. With this term we are refering to different approaches that are involved in the various types of movement therapy, but which all have one thing in common; recognising the relationship that units the body and mind, which is why dance can be used as a therapy and can encourage and support a healthy mind and psychological development.


The term pet therapy was coined in 1953 in America by an infant psychiatrist called Boris Levinson, and today this term describes a complex series of treatments aimed at improving psycho-physical health which is based on the human-animal relationship.


Hypnosis is a mode of functioning of the nervous system, an altered state of consciousness, which is different from both natural sleep and being awake and which, as a consequence of precise stimuli, activates a mental process and involves the body too. Hypnosis has been shown to be very useful in obstetrics, anaesthesiology, surgery and orthodontistry, as well as for various other physioloigcal disorders.


Narration represents one of the mind’s most natural forms of help because it helps to organise and reorganise memories and allows people to express emotions by making sense of them and transforming them from abstracts, unknown things or even terrorising feelings or unmentionable mental images. Poetry has been used since ancient times as the preferred way to express strong, personal and social emotions, and to communicate unforgettable messages over time, and it has been studied and has led onto the development of specific methods that have transformed it into an instrument of help for the mind, as well as a real technique of help in daily situations or in the presence of discomfort and psycho-physical suffering.


Autogenic training, largely known all over the world as a relaxation technique, is a psychosomatic help method created by the scholar J.H. Schultz, from Berlin, Germany, who defined it as a ‘method of self-relaxation from psychical concentration.’<

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