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May 2017
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How much do we really love ourselves and how much are we truly ready to change?
Answer the following questions in the test and find out what the mechanisms and errors are that shake you up and what capabilities and resources you have available to work against these and become a truly confident person who is satisfied with yourself and your life.

1) At work:
I never get caught up in gossip
It is best not to listen to superficial colleagues
It is best to follow your instinct

2) Which is the most useful way to spend the weekend in your opinion:
Doing a sporting or creative course
Visiting museums and cities of art

3) Bad thoughts go away when…
I’m making plans
I’m trying to be in a good mood
When I’m not thinking about anything

4) When it’s your birthday…
You would be happy if a friend organised a surprise party for you
You want lots of presents
You want it to pass quickly

5) How do you want people to see you?
As a pleasant and interesting person

6) When you have achieved something important:
You prefer not to tell people
You only tell your best friend
You only tell your family

7) What would make you more confident?
Being able to win over the person you love
Being successful at work, for example, being promoted
Discovering a hidden talent

8) When someone gives you advice…
You are secretly angry
It makes you curious
You feel agitated

9) A colleague tries to stand in your way. You:
Do not let him/her and confront him/her straight away
Take revenge later on
Ignore him/her but still keep an eye on him/her

10) You think team sports…:
Help to bring out your determination
Help to work and act in groups
Teach respect for others

11) When you make a mistake you…:
Try and justify why it happened
Try and sort it out straightaway
Try and understand why it happened

12) In any profession …:
You need to be courageous
You need to be enthusiastic
It is best to be prudent

13) What can cause you to become moody?
Arguing with the person you love
Not having enough money at the end of the month
A lecture from your boss

14) A compliment is best if it comes from…:
An enemy
Someone that does not know you

15) Not worrying and being happy means…:
A Finding easy solutions
Being philosophical
Acting superficially

16) Each day of your life…:
You have to earn your place in the world with determination
Should be faced calmly
Should be passed intelligently

17) What do you have no doubts about?:
About what your eyes can see
About what true friends say
About what at least 5 people in authority say

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