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May 2017
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Modern technology allows us to use the internet at any time, thus the possibility to access pornographic material for free increases the possibility of having even casual contact with the world of pornography.

Sexuality is a fundamental expression of humans and it is a complex phenomenon which involves psychological, biological and cultural aspects being combined. It is therefore important to know about sexuality to be able to experience it calmly and to the full.

In this section, provides you with correct information about this delicate subject with articles (in the topics section), specific discussions and questions and answers (which could be YOUR questions) about the most important points.

All aspects concerning sexuality are dealt with in a concise yet comprehensive way. To begin with you can read articles about what sexuality is, analyses of sexual behaviour from a physiological point of view, the first sexual experiences, self-eroticism and even analyses about the complex relationship between couples and sexuality. Sexual dysfunctions are also analysed in detail and, for each of them, the most common questions are answered. Sexual treatments are looked at too, including: quick sexual treatments, in depth psychotherapies and pharmaceutical treatments. Lastly, sexually transmitted diseases are discussed and prevention methods are highlighted.

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