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April 2017
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It has been found that a third of the female population who go to fertility clinics in search of advice suffer from ovulatory failure. Anovulation can be accompanied by various menstrual problems which are directly linked to the concentration and type of fluctuations of ovarian steroids. Various pharmaceuticals are available which regulate one’s cycle and induce ovulation, and each type of pharmaceutical is taken according to different dosages or treatment schedules. In fact, pharmacological treatment must be carefully studied for each, single case as the success of the treatment depends on this.


If, after a year of having regular sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives, a couple is not able to conceive, infertility must be taken into consideration. Diversely from what we often think, this is not just a female problem as it actually affects the same amount of men as it does women.


An orgasm is a pleasurable, psychological and physiological response to a sexual stimulant. Unfortunately many women have problems related to orgasms, both in terms of reaching orgasm and lubrication.


Insufficient, natural lubrication (vaginal dryness) during sexual relations makes the act of sex unpleasant, if not painful, for one or both of the partners. Quite often this problem does not only bring about physical problems though, as it is often accompanied by itching, reddening and irritation, and it can also have consequences of a psychological nature which can cause tension between a couple.


The concept of ‘virginity’ requires a definition in order to be able to talk about its sexological significance. The word ‘virgin’ can mean virgin in the common, sexual sense but it can also mean intact, untouched, inviolated and uncontaminated if it refers to a place, or genuine if it refers to a product or primary material. Losing one’s virginity can also be defined as ‘deflowering’ and all these meanings are confused which makes each conversation about virginity different depending on the view point taken.


There are at least 40 countries in which genital mutilation is practised on baby girls; every year 2 million small victims are added to the 130 million women who live with the mark of this injury. This procedure is inhuman and disrespectful of the physical integrity of women and it has been (and still is) wrongly considered, by various cultures and religions, to be a practise which promotes hygiene and purification.

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