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April 2017
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Sexual orientation is defined as one’s direction of sexual interest towards members of the same sex, the opposite sex and both sexes, which are dictated by physiological factors rather than social conditioning. It is important to note that sexual orientation can differ from sexual ‘behaviour’ and from the sexual identity of a person.


Gender identity is a fundamental part of constructing one’s identity. This term refers to the feeling of belonging to one gender or the other or somewhere in between. This belonging can express itself in terms of experiences and/or behaviour which correspond, or not, to the biological sex. Transsexuals may experience this non-correspondence in an ambiguous, ambivalent or lineal way, so much so that they may no longer feel they belong to their biological sex category and may want to or feel like they belong to the category of the opposite sex. What distinguishes transsexuals from others though is the deep and irrepressible desire to change some of their bodily features and change their personal details (name, sex) so that they are more like the gender they feel they belong to.

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