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April 2017
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Phimosis involves the narrowing of the preputial orifice. It can be inherited or acquired, the difference being that, when inherited, it is apparent from birth and during the first years of life. Acquired phimosis occurs during adulthood in men who have never had previous problems but then experience repeated fungal or bacterial inflammation of the glans or foreskin (balanoposthitis).


This operation, which is very common in certain cultures, is somewhat controversial nowadays. In some religions circumcision is a ritual, whilst the main non-religious reason is of a hygienic nature, even if inconveniences related to this operation do not justify it.


Impotence is a symptom of an organic or psychological impairment of the erection mechanism. It affects approximately 8-10% of the male population between 18 and 60 years old and, fortunately, this problem can be solved. More information and the collapse of old ‘medieval’ taboos has meant that suffers of impotence no longer have to hide their problem and fall prey to false-healers, witch doctors or intriguing advertising messages, because now they can turn to specialists in this field: andrologists and urologists.

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