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May 2017
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The moment of seduction is always magical.

Seduction sometimes happens suddenly or even unexpectedly and it always seems to give us a new outlook on life. It is, as the French sociologist Jean Baudrillard said, what is called an ‘unidentified object, an object that cannot be analysed, which is theoretical and lovable’.
The main characteristic of seduction is that it is a mystery, a secret; the fact there is no explicit sign is itself seductive.
Seduction comes from illegible, random and coincidental signs, but it, the secret, is not shown in its entirety. When a look between two people starts the game of seduction, an emotional current is created in which nothing is certain, just that something has happened which does not abide by codified rules. Nobody knows what is behind that look and nobody cares: in that instant, not only is the fact that one is made aware of the other person an add-on, but knowing what was behind the look would ruin the emphasis of the agreed meeting. What is more, during seduction, the thing that triggers the spark is that one or the other person has (unconsciously) decided to show his/her secret (what is inside of him/her that he/she does not even know him/herself), to another person. As Baudrillard says:

‘Seduction is not a locus of desire... but of giddiness, of the eclipse, of appearance and disappearance...'

It takes desire and plays a game with it, thus it does not follow prearranged paths. We can seduce and be seduced when we least expect it and we can seduce another person accidently just with our behaviour.

However, sometimes, when trying to be authentic and spontaneous, which are real ways to seduce someone, two contrived approaches arise: caricatural seduction and histrionic seduction, which appear to be true methods of seduction, but, in reality, they are not.

Caricatural seduction

This type of seduction conforms to what one assumes is wanted in a certain moment or certain situation, thus, the most sophisticated and artificial weapons are used ranging from status symbols to more original strategies, for instance, illusive clothes, seductive looks, a note containing a sweet phrase passed on by the waitress, pretending to be interested in a boring conversation, and so on. However, these methods are only good for a bit of fun or a bit of cheap sex since they have nothing to do with seduction; at most they can be defined as boldness, having skills, using oneself quite well or even outwitting another person.

Histrionic seduction

Histrionic seduction is the fruit of stage shows and seduction has seen many try to use it over the years, in love, politics and writing, by coaxing hearts and eyes, earning achievements, money or votes and using violent images, but, at the same time, reassuring with words. In order to score with this pseudo-seduction, you need to hit the rights chords of the other person’s heart or brain. However, it is obviously an artificial exercise which is a far cry from real seduction, which is all about a person’s secrets, because, in these cases, everything is already clear to see. 
This variant of seduction plays on a part of our brain that the neurologist McLean calls the reptilian: the most ancient brain, which was similar to those of reptiles, pushed us to imitate, follow trends and expose ourselves to politic persuasion, hysteria of the masses and imitation of pre-packaged models. The great seducers of our time paidpay a lot of attention to this type of brain and to the prevalence of an emotional and rational brain.
However this is something completely different to the seduction that men and women continue to create and experience, but it is not a given that the benefits of the latter are of a lower quality than the fruits of histrionics...
Having said this, there are numerous schools, courses and seminars available these days which teach you how to get whoever you want to fall at your feet in just three steps!


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