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April 2017
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What are condoms?
Condoms are latex sheaths that are worn on the penis when having sex in order to prevent pregnancy and protect oneself from sexually transmitted diseases.

Instructions for use:

A condom must be put on the penis when it is fully erect before penetration, especially because it is possible that secretions containing sperm and organisms come out of the penis before ejaculating and these can transmit diseases. A new condom must be used each time you have sex.

  1. Open the packet from the side, making sure you do not damage the condom.
  2. In order to avoid any air getting caught in the condom, which could cause it to break, take it by the reservoir tip, holding this part between your first finger and thumb, and place it on the erect penis, making sure the rolled up part is on the outside.
  3. Carefully unroll the condom until you have completely covered the penis. If it comes off, put a new one on.
  4. Immediately after ejaculation, slowly withdraw the penis (whilst still erect), holding on to the condom. Remove the condom, wrap it in tissue paper and throw it in the bin. 


  • This form of contraception offers the best guarantee. You must always be careful that it does not break however, which sometimes happens, especially if there is an air bubble.
  • Condoms offer the best protection against sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV, which causes AIDS).
  • They can be bought without a prescription.


  • They reduce sensitivity.
  • As mentioned, they can break and this breakage is not always noticed.
  • They can cause embarrassment and affect the atmosphere, and, in some cases, it can lower sexual desire and also the erection.
  • In rare cases they can cause an allergic reaction.

Lubricants and condoms
Condoms are a very good way to prevent pregnancy and one of the best forms against contracting sexually transmitted diseases. However, they must be used in such a way that they do not break during sexual intercourse: if natural lubrication is not sufficient, as is the case for anal penetration and in cases of vaginal dryness, friction against the penis can cause it to break. In these situations, using an appropriate lubricant can resolve the problem. However, not every lubricant can be used with condoms: Vaseline, moisturising cream and other creamy cosmetic products actually increase the risk of the condom breaking. Lubricants that contain fats must not be used either, and lubricants that contain other fatty products and oils weaken the latex; some studies have shown that these substances reduce the resistance of the latex by up to 90%. Only soluble gel lubricants can be used with condoms therefore you need to choose products that say they are ‘water soluble’ or made from ‘water based gel’.


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